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railway line the Langstraat

volunteer non profit trust
between Geertruidenberg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch
type of the site
old railway traject, including the line, bridges, tunnels,...
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The Stichting Federatie Behoudt de Langstraatspoorbruggen (FBL) cooperates with the Stichting Spoorbrug Geertruidenberg.
Both organisations have the ambition, to restore the former railway track in their region and to re-use both the bridges and the railway track for walkers and cyclists. We started the project in 1985

The railway track was 46 kilometres long, from Lage Zwaluwe to ‘s-Hertogenbosch and is situated along the Maas. Three bridges were necessary, to cross the water: the swing bridge in Geertruidenberg, the Waalwijkse railway bridge and the Moerputten bridge.
Two bridges have already been restored: the Waalwijkse bridge is grey and in use as cycle track.
The Moerputten bridge is yellow and only for walkers.
A former station area was transformed into a park of 4 kilometres. Parts of the railway track have also been restored: 20 kilometres are now in use as cycle track, using the Waalwijkse railway bridge. And 5 kilometres are part of a hiking track, over the Moerputten bridge.
Unfortunately, the Donge railway bridge is still out of use.

The regional government spent 250.000 euros to transform the cycle track into an art track. Six works of art decorate the cycle track. They refer to the shoe industry that took advantage of the railway.