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Heisteeg 4,
NL-5251 KK Vlijmen



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nature :
building preservation
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Stichting Spoorbrug Geertruidenberg (SSG)
Donge railway  bridge
aims and objectives / buts et objectifs :

The association is preserving an old railway bridge

The old railway bridge was part of the railway track “De Langstraatspoorlijn”, which started in ’s-Hertogenbosch and ended via Geertruidenberg in Lage-Zwaluwe. The bridge consisted of three parts: two fixed bridges and one swing bridge. Both fixed bridges and the swing bridge are truss bridges. The fixed bridges measure each 30,90 m. The swing bridge has a length of 34,30 m.

The bridges are made of wrought steel and in rivet technic. The bridges rest on two abutment piers and the swing part on a pivot pier, all in bricks. The piers were from the beginning made for two railway tracks. Since 1972 the railway track is out of use. One of the fixed bridges was so heavily damaged, that it had to be removed.

Since 1995, a new quarter was developed: “Dongeburgh” with about 1000 houses. De riverbanks of De Donge are now arranged for both touristic and recreative purposes.  It is now possible to use the railway bridge for walkers, for boots, for recreation, to take a rest and as a tourist office.

SSG is allied to the Federatie Behoudt de Langstraatspoorbruggen (FBL)