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7th International (virtual) Early Railways Conference

Early Railways Conference
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Due to COVID -19 this conference, which was due to take place at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea, is being replaced by an International ‘virtual’ conference on the same dates (10-13 June 2021)

The papers will be pre-recorded by the speakers before the Conference begins.  A recording of each day’s events, including delegates’ questions and comments, will be placed on YouTube for the benefit of all delegates, in particular overseas delegates living in different time-zones around the world.  Observations and questions to and from overseas delegates may be contributed to speakers via e-mail.  Responses will also be e-mailed and circulated to all delegates.  Conference ‘invitations’, together with the Conference programme, will be emailed to delegates two weeks before the conference begins.

A list of the papers that will be presented can be found at the web page of the conference