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Rijeka Film Festival
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History Film Festival is currently the only international film festival in the world focused exclusively on historical documentary films. This Festival showcases exceptional and acclaimed contemporary historical documentary films which heighten and clarify the past in a way that can shed revelatory light upon the present.

The 5th edition of History Film Festival in 2021 will be especially focused on trains and railways as symbols of connecting people and of our mutual European heritage.
This special programme will consist of film screenings, Q&A with guest authors, exhibition of photographs related to rail, its effects on everyday life and progress of Rijeka and its surrounding region, a round table on the importance of rail in culture, tourism and economy, and a presentation which will trace the intertwining histories of railway and moving images.

These events will take place at the restored train station of historic and cultural importance in Rijeka and the legendary train station in Matulji (a small town near Opatija), while the presentation held by dr. Nikica Gilić will be held on the local eco-friendly train between Rijeka and Jurdani simultaneously travelling through both imagined and actual landscapes. Railway came to Rijeka and Matulji in the 19th century and thus opened the path for the development of economy and tourism, especially in Opatija where Emperor Franz Joseph and artists such as James Joyce and Isadora Duncan used to vacate. 
The two technologies: railway and cinema coalesced and forever transformed the way people throughout Europe interacted with the world around them.