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Railway Heritage Preservation Conference
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Railway Heritage Preservation Conference
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Into which processes for society as a whole is railway heritage preservation embedded? What is the current status of railway heritage preservation by international comparison? Which planning and legislative instruments can railway heritage preservation use? What effects do nature conservation and heritage protection legislation have on the maintenance and development of historical railway structures and systems? How can the current stock of historical railway structures and systems, ensembles and lines be comprehensively recorded and assessed? What archiving principles are available for this? What direct and indirect effects arise from railway heritage preservation for settlement patterns and the landscape? What contribution does it make to the sustainability of the European railway network and railway heritage, particularly in the context of the trans-European “high-quality Baukultur” initiative? What are the specific requirements and challenges for railways classed as World Heritage Sites?

To illuminate and discuss the manifold challenges and opportunities of this young branch of heritage preservation, the Swiss Federal Railways Specialist Service for the Preservation of Historical Monuments is hosting the Railway Heritage Preservation Conference to mark its 20th anniversary.
It is held in collaboration with the Professorship for Construction Heritage and Preservation at the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, the Federal Office of Culture and ICOMOS Suisse.
Likewise founded 20 years ago, the SBB Historic Foundation is also contributing to the conference.