1. Demolition of the old Tocón-Montefrío train station called off

    The tender for the demolition works of the Tocón-Montefrío train station, in the province of Granada, put the Íllora Town Council and citizens on alert. At the end of March they started a campaign in networks and collecting signatures with the support of the neighbours and the Montefrío Town Council to save a station that has a great sentimental and symbolic value for these villages.

  2. Achensee Steam Cog Railway, on the 7 Most Endangered list

    In use for over 130 years, the Achensee Railway is a steam operated railway,  Tit is  the oldest still completely preserved rack railway with steam operation in Europe. The whole ensemble is still largely as it was when it was built and opened in 1889. The facilities (vehicles, treatment plants, platforms, railway embankments, track layout etc.) have been in operation and preserved almost unchanged since 1889.which should be celebrated in the European Year of Rail 2021, but is at serious risk of being lost.

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